I am the queen of unfinished business. My drafts folders across my various blogs hold more than a couple posts that have lingered, usually for years, with half-written thoughts and I’ll never get that back. I’ll never know what I meant to say here or there. Boo. 😦 So as they are doing me no good sitting in drafts, here are all of those random posts from JobeReads that never had a chance.


1/10/2013 – “C.S. Lewis- In Time of War Thoughts”

First part of this book is describing the premise of the BBC, primarily BBC Radio. What was established as a primarily Christian-themed broadcast turned into a variety show of sorts to induce more listeners to tune in. BBC Radio was competing against foreign broadcasts, including those of some German stations hosting a Lord Haw-Haw (more info on that). There was a real turn from traditional Christian broadcasts to more variable

-Eric Fenn and James Welch, Christian founders/supporters of the BBC, needed to step up their game to appeal to listeners while consistently presenting Christ in a time of turmoil.

-Soldiers craved news, entertainment and discussion on the air. They didn’t want fluff, but they didn’t want deep traditional theological teaching either. Many were highly intelligent beyond their military training, but still needed the gospel put more bluntly and in layman’s terms.


3/18/2013 – “Final thoughts on Fitzgerald…for now.”

SPOILERS: If you have any intention of reading The Beautiful and Damned, read no further. Although there’s not much to say…

Well, I’ve started this post out with a lie. There is whole book that could be written in turn about this book (I’m sure there already has been, even if it’s just analyzations of many of Fitzgerald’s works), but that is a book I would never write myself, much less be willing to read. If it was from a Christian perspective, then mayyyybe. But I doubt a Christian has taken the time to do that yet. I might be wrong. I’ll research it and let you know. 😉

Essentially, this book is all about the people who were either born beautiful or born rich and how two people in particular, Anthony and Gloria, chose to live their lives based on this key ingredient. These traits were not ones that they aspired to, but were blessings (or curses) given before birth by (according to Fitzgerald’s apparent worldview) a cold and heartless God who enjoys toying with people’s emotions and lives, if there even is a Supreme Being.

Gloria- too beautiful for her own good; beauty fading fast; used to being admired, loves being adored;

Anthony- refuses to work; doesn’t care to put himself much to make any money; dissolves into a complete drunkard; leans heavily on his uncle’s money allotted and worships Gloria (for a time)



Indolence (laziness)






4/22/13 –  “Gotta love that 20th century lit.”

SPOILERS….Edith Wharton- House of Mirth

I just finished Edith Wharton’s House of Mirth and let me tell you, it was way better than I expected. I began by comparing it heavily to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned only to recant this thought soon after. Yes, both books are about wealthy, spoiled brats that seemingly have no ability to be other than what they were conditioned to be from birth because of their parentally-instilled sense of entitlement. But the similarities stop there. Whereas The Beautiful showed the moral decline of these young people with an ultimate “happy” ending (monetarily so, anyway), Lily’s situation is much different. Through a series of unfortunate events,

I didn’t seem to get too bogged down in the redundancy of the protagonist Lily Bart’s life. She does very much go in circles socially and h


8/21/2013 – “Pilgrim’s Progress ‘Review'”

Well, here we are–the end of the Pilgrim’s Progress Read-Along hosted by Elyssa of Unscripted35. We both have been having a tough time giving any sort of good commentary on this book because it is 1) intense/dense and 2) verbose/repetitive. Let’s be real–Bunyan would’ve been equally successful writing the first half of the story following Christian’s journey and stopping there. I think something can be said about informing the reader that Christian’s wife and sons, having previously rejected the Gospel, end up accepting it and following in his footsteps to the Celestial City (end of life/heaven). In fact, explaining that Christiana/Mercy/the children go on their merry way could’ve been an excellent way to end the book. (I realized the last time I posted, I was saying, “Eh, it’s worth it…second half, here we come”  buuuuuut no).


There you have it. I have been reading this past year. Indeed I have. But I’ve had little time to blog about it, or at least haven’t prioritized it. So there you go. Maybe I’ll do a yearly recap one day.




Still reading ^_^

The Phoenix and the Carpet (a movie I would like to see!)

The Phoenix and the Carpet (a movie I would like to see!)

Hollywood's Greatest Year: The Best Picture Nominees of 1939

This old film version of Wuthering Heights just about sums it up. That deadened look in her eye and his distress….

Just because I don’t post in nearly a year doesn’t mean I’ve stopped reading…quite the contrary. Every year I up the amount of books I want to read. Last year ended up being 23 because that’s just what I happened to successfully finish. This year, my goal is 25 and because of quick reads such as the Hank the Cowdog series and Edith Nesbit books (a newfound love), I’m a few books ahead of schedule. Maybe I can achieve a goal of 30 or so before the year is out!


Blogging is something that is constantly at the back of my mind and I am always mentioning, “Oh, I don’t have readers, no one reads this, oh oh oh” and I’m done with that. Maybe I’ve sa Continue reading

JobeReads presents: Classics Challenge

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I have a challenge for you.

Minimum 2 classics a year.

Read as many as you want.

No time limit.

Write about ’em if you’re able.


I was looking at The Classics Club that many people are a part of and thought about joining until I read that the goal is 50 books in no more than 5 years. That’s 10 books a year! (yayyyy, Jobe can do mathss 😉 ). Continue reading

Currently Reading- The Quick Quick Version

Writing a quick little post because it’s midnight and frankly I don’t know how to have a good bedtime, even though I’ve done it successfully in the past. -_-

What am I currently reading? 10/16/13

Lynn Austin’s Until We Reach Home

Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo (this is for Elyssa’s read-along here)

In addition, good ole Story of Christianity and eventually hope to start Fascinating Stories of Forgotten Lives: Rediscovering Some Old Testament Characters by Chuck Swindoll. Pretty much everything in his Great Lives From God’s Word series is really good.

Ok. Goodnight. ^_^

– Jobehhh